Flyer announcement for the National Midyear Exhibition. The left side of the frame has a lone statue of a woman in armored like dress. Plated on her breasts and flowing down the rest of her body. To her left she rests he hand on a large round shield. In her right hand she clenches her hand in a tight fist. Her shoulders are adorned with a fur cape and her head wears a bladed helmet, with a blade on each side and the top reaching from the rear of her head to her brow. The text on the flyer reads " 88th National Midyear Exhibiton. April 11th 2024: Entries and Fees are due, May 31st 2024: Accepted works are due, June 23rd 2024 Opening and Award Announcement, August 11th 2024: Exhibition Closes. Submit entries online at www.butlerart.com."