Bob Ziering: The Twilight of the Gorilla

Bob Ziering: Twilight of the Gorilla

Exhibition: September 10 – November 19, 2017

Meet-the-Artist Opening Reception: September 10, 2017 1-3 PM

Bob Ziering‘s affection and concern for the quickly disappearing population of the Mountain Gorilla is obvious in this series of large, personal and compelling pastel paintings. Ziering employs an expressionistic approach, emphasizing both line and textural qualities in the work conceived to enlighten the audience and conjure more concern for the plight of our visually fascinating primate cousins. United, these respect – provoking images create a powerful exhibition – universal in its implications. It challenges viewers to reflect on the human/primate parallel and encourages them to face the seriousness of the endangerment of these majestic animals and their natural habitats.

Bob Ziering, Unfinished, diptych, 43″ x 60″.