Beecher Court

A view of Beecher Court from the upper level.

About The Art

     The Beecher Court was dedicated in 1987. It is an elegant light-filled multi-use space, suitable for hosting dinners, concerts, lectures, and more. The lower level of the court showcases work by three generations of the Wyeth family, as well as marine paintings by Frederick Waugh, Joseph Boston, Soren Carlsen, and others. Contemporary artists represented on this level include George Dombek, Teo Nguyen, and Fred Staloff.

     The upper level presents selected pieces from the Butler’s large collection of abstract art. Robert Rauschenberg, Helen Frankenthaler, Jules Olitski, and Norman Bluhm are among the artists whose work is displayed. This level also includes work by such realist painters as Audrey Flack, Gary Erbe, Max Ginsburg, and John Koch.

LOCATION: Fred and Janette Staloff Gallery, Burger Gallery, Sidney Moyer Sculpture Area, Cynthia R. DeBartolo Gallery, Lipscher Gallery of American Scene Painting, Lloyd Gallery, first floor, Bacon Gallery, Crandall Gallery, Waldman Gallery, second floor

Selected Works

*Please note that the artworks in the permanent collection on display may undergo periodic changes and rotations. We suggest that if you’re traveling to the museum to view a specific piece of artwork, call us ahead of time to confirm it is currently on display (330-743-1107 ext. 1108)


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