Current & Upcoming Exhibitions & Artist Openings

  • 100 Years of Printmaking II - 100 Years of American Printmaking II Exhibition: January 14 – June 3, 2018 This exhibition from The Butler Collection is a survey of American printmaking covering the last 100 years. It can be said that every artistic movement and principle artist of the past century are included in this wonderful journey through American art history; […]
  • 82nd National Midyear Show - 82nd National Midyear Show Exhibition Reception & Awards Presentation: July 1, 2018 1-3 PM *Reservations are required for this free event. To reserve, call (234)228.8555 or email biaalib2@yahoo.com by June 22, 2018 On View: July 1 – August 26, 2018 This annual shows exhibits the artworks of adult artists from throughout the 50 United States […]
  • A Century of Fashion by Pete Ballard - Ongoing in Butler North Americana Galleries A Century of Fashion by Pete Ballard is an exhibition of historically accurate women’s fashion costumes modeled on specific period fashions,  and reproduced from fashion plates of the era brought to life on Ballard’s dolls sculpted of papier mache.  These fashion dolls are part of a collection born of the marriage of Ballard’s […]
  • Americana & Folk Art - Sept 13, 2013 Through 2018. (Butler North Galleries) The new Bitonte Skywalk and Americana/Folk Art Galleries are now open to the public during regular museum hours. Admission to these newly renovated spaces is free, as is access to all Butler venues. On view are primitive paintings from the Colonial Era, carousel objects, carvings, ship models, […]
  • Cliff McGinnis: The Bird as Theme in American Art - Ongoing (Balcony Gallery, Youngstown) Hubbard, Ohio-born Cliff McGinnis gained a regional reputation as a master carver. With hammer, chisel and other carving tools, McGinnis painstakingly sculpted exact representations of the birds of our region, adding accurate color to each piece. This exhibition is drawn from the J. D. “Bud” Williamson Collection, and inaugurates the Butler’s […]
  • Daniel Greene Retrospective - Daniel Greene Retrospective Butler Trumbull Branch Exhibition on View: May 13 – July 15, 2018 Meet-the-Artist: May 13, 2018, 1-3 PM Daniel Greene is one of America’s national treasures whose work should be though of in parallel with the greatest of narrative artists. His art exploits both skill and imagination, and carries on the great […]
  • Five x Seven: Regional Photography Exhibition - Five x Seven: Regional Photography Exhibition Exhibition on View: April 15 – July 15, 2018 Meet-the-Artist Reception: TBA This exhibition from a group of seven photographers- Dan McCormick, Carl Leet, Adrienne DeRosa, Elaine Manusakis, Edward Hallahan, Robyn Maas and Robby Yankush- evolved from a social media activity on Instagram called the Seven Day, Seven Black and […]
  • National Collage Exhibit - National Collage Society: 21st Annual Small Format Exhibit Exhibition on View: May 27 – July 29, 2018 The Annual Small Format Exhibit consists of post-card-sized works of participating members of the National Collage Society. The National Collage Society, Inc. (NCS, Inc.) is an art foundation formed to foster the appreciation and interest in the art […]
  • Pastel Works From The Butler Collection - Pastel Works From The Butler Collection Exhibition on View: Now – July 29, 2018 This exhibition highlights a selection of pastel paintings from the Butler’s permanent collection which are intermittently displayed in the museum’s Giffuni Gallery dedicated to exhibiting pastel works.
  • Sally Weber: Elemental - Sally Weber: Elemental Exhibition: January 21 – July 22, 2018 Meet-the-Artist Reception: January 21, 2018 1-3 PM In this exhibition by Sally Weber, we are interconnected elementally. ELEMENTAL brings together works of light exploring the inter-relationship between ourselves and the natural elements of which we and our world are composed. We are always changing as […]