About Scale: From the Butler’s Collection

November 5, 2023 - January 29, 2024
Gallery with green walls and hardwood floor 6 pieces in view

Large-scale works from the collection in Flad Gallery

About The Art

This exhibition is comprised of large-scale works from the collection. Oversized paintings which fill the space around the viewer in a magical way. Scale is a factor in creating art—an essential element not to overlook, just like contrast, rhythm, and other elements of design. This exhibit proves the power of scale toward the enjoyment of a work of art.

“Scale has the power to envelop the viewer, and a painting the size of a nickel can’t do that.” -Dr. Zona, Executive Director

Featured in this exhibition is Al Bright’s “Untitled” oil painting created in 1973, which has a landscape quality in the way the work is composed. The patches of color are reminiscent of French artist Nicolas De Stael. Gary Stephan, an avant-garde painter, plays with openness in the work selected for this show. The white fills the canvas with ribbon-type elements floating through space, piquing one’s curiosity. Shirley Aley Campbell’s oil painting “Five Figure Exercise, Opus I” can be seen, composed of portraits of various art collectors and Joe Butler, the director and grandson of the founder of the museum. Butler’s resemblance in this painting is uncanny to his likeness in person. Also seen in this exhibition are three of Alfred Leslie’s larger-than-life portraits of his friends and fellow artists in a black and white series. The portraits almost loom over the viewer, with details and patterns not to be overlooked. Sidney Gross’ work, though not a well-known artist, is a great painting to have in the collection. Gross’ work bridges the gap between abstract expressionism and pop art. Gross’ painting in this exhibition was the only abstract work in the Butler’s collection for a long time and is a great example of abstract expressionism, with the way the paint drips and the way the canvas has been attacked by the brush with a heavy amount of paint. Ronnie Landfield’s work is also featured in this exhibition, delivering a close philosophy to Paul Jenkins with large washes of color. His work is different from Jenkins’ in the sense that these paintings appear to be more controlled.

Artists included in this exhibition: Chen Chi, Mark Messersmith, Shirley Aley Campbell, Steven McCallum, Gary Stephan, Robert Natkin, Al Bright, Larry Rivers, Alfred Leslie, Ronnie Landfield, Dennis Oppenheim, and Sidney Gross.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: November 5, 2023 - January 29, 2024

LOCATION: Flad Gallery

Selected Works


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