Alfred Leslie: Pixel Scores

January 13, 2019 - March 17, 2019
Photo of a person standing up with long, curly black hair with two pink roses by their ear, wearing a light tank top with a graphic on it saying 'Sweet Life Baking Powder and Flour'

About The Art

This exhibition from painter, photographer, film maker, set designer, and writer Alfred Leslie is comprised of his current series of dye sublimation prints he calls the Pixel Scores. Leslie, most known for his figurative oil paintings, is one of the greatest artists of his generation. Now in his 90’s, he raises the bar with this exciting series of digital works. These works vibrate with intensity and seem a logical extension of the figurative works associated with his long career. Leslie continues to make an impact with these powerful images of characters drawn from literary sources. These colorful works obscurely depicting renowned characters from the thousands of books Leslie has read over his lifetime are created using Photoshop, a digital photo editing and illustration program employing a system of layering images. Utilizing the wide-ranging flexibility of Photoshop, which permits a vast gamut of painterly effects, overlays and revisions, Leslie is able to synthesize his multitude of skills in photography, film, painting and stage design. They also showcase his passionate interest in world literature, with its store of human values and self-reflection.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: January 13, 2019 - March 17, 2019

LOCATION: Butler Trumbull


Selected Works


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