Life Examined: The Impressionistic Realism of Sam Rosenthal

March 15, 2020 - August 16, 2020
A painting of a spiral stone stairwell in a city that leads to a boardwalk on a riverfront

About The Art

Life Examined: The Impressionistic Realism of Sam Rosenthal is a collection of mostly large scale oil paintings of stimulating city and suburban landscapes. These works seek to draw the viewer into the image to experience the drama, mystery, and complexity of nature and humanity. Using his unique style refined to achieve a nuanced simplicity, Rosenthal shares his enhanced perspective of everyday life, creating comprehensively compelling and timeless imagery while eluding unessential details. The end result offers vignettes of the present, enlightened by the past, yet not limited by it.

“Sam Rosenthal paints subjects that have long been favorite themes of American artists for generations, but Rosenthal has a magic touch. His paintings of the city possess a life that is both new and exciting. He is a Luminist in every sense of the word-capturing that special moment, that particular light, that stillness. Sam Rosenthal’s art ties beautifully with the collection of The Butler for its creativity, its remarkable level of skill and original point of view. We’re thrilled to present the work of this outstanding talent.”

-Dr. Lou Zona

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: March 15, 2020 - August 16, 2020



Selected Works


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