Mark Lysowski: Transitions

September 20, 2020 - November 15, 2020
Painting with multiple colors of paint splatters and lines. Predominant colors are orange, red, black and white

About The Art

Transitions is a multimedia exhibition of pure abstract artworks from Pittsburgh based artist, Mark Lysowski. Mark began painting in the late 1970’s. Since then, he has transitioned to sculpture, then back to painting. He continues to create multimedia work that has progressed from various materials – pushing each material to extremes in series. Lysowski continues to work with a variety of materials and processes to create complexity within surfaces and colors within compositions to evoke emotion. The exhibition includes 27 artworks — paintings, sculpture, and video — a few of which are being shown independently for the first time.

Mark Lysowski, born in 1961, is a retired instructor of three-dimensional design who taught at Youngstown State University for 13 years. He creates from his studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he lives and works. His work has been exhibited at The Butler in past years, the Cleveland, Erie and Columbus Museums of Art, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, as well as various New York City art galleries. Mark is currently represented by The Michael Hertrich Gallery in Harrisburgh, PA.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: September 20, 2020 - November 15, 2020

LOCATION: Flad Galleries


Selected Works


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