Pastel Society of America’s 51st Exhibition

January 21, 2024 - March 3, 2024
The Butler Institue Pastel Society of America, 51 years, a black man in bright colorful clothing looking to the right, a small bird perched on an camera next to books, a large sunset scene with blue, purple and pink clouds, a mountain in the distance

Top left- Wende Caporale “Hassane Composed”, 20×16″
Bottom Left- Deana Goldsmith “American Kestrel”, 14×24″
Right- Katherine Irish “A Gentle Goodnight”, 37×24″

About The Art

We present a selection of award winners from the Society’s most recent exhibition. The participants are some of the best pastel artists working in this country.

Founded in 1972 by Flora B. Giffuni, Pastel Society of America (PSA) – the oldest pastel society in America – is largely responsible for the current renaissance of pastels in American art. The society’s annual exhibition at The National Arts Club in New York is the premier event for pastel artists worldwide. PSA encourages artistic advancement through prestigious awards, both monetary and material, distributed during its annual exhibition to pastelists showing technical acumen and creative use of pastel techniques. Members winning three cumulative awards in PSA annuals are named PSA Master Pastelists, the highest designation of pastel achievement. In recent years, PSA members have been honored guests in exhibitions in Italy, France, Russia, and China.

In 2004, the Flora B. Giffuni Gallery of American Pastels was established at the Butler Institute, thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Giffuni. It is the only museum gallery in the U.S. devoted exclusively to works in the pastel medium, and its creation was a “lifelong dream come true” for her. The gallery offers exhibitions of accomplished pastel artists, group shows from the Pastel Society of America, as well as the display of works from the Butler’s prestigious collection.

If the world of art had such designations, Flora Giffuni would be deemed the Patron Saint of Pastels. I say that, not just because she founded the Pastel Society of America and performed other good works on behalf of the medium and practitioners of the medium, but also because of her other mission, which is to give the art of pastel the kind of recognition and honor it deserves. She has been tireless in her efforts to promote and to educate, demonstrating a missionary-like zeal as she works to raise the art of the American pastel to greater levels of recognition. Louis A. Zona, Director

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: January 21, 2024 - March 3, 2024

LOCATION: Giffuni Gallery

Selected Works


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