PAUL STANLEY: The Other Side

August 13, 2023 - October 8, 2023
Bright, colorful painting of KISS lead singer Paul Stanley in white face paint with black star painted around right eye


“Paul Stanley is a figurative artist whose depictions of the human form are empowered by an explosive use of color. But his paintings move beyond the figure and into imaginary worlds where his KISS persona floats through stars, guitars, flags, hearts, and other background imagery enhancing the many approaches to the figure seen the bulk of the work. Stanley is an artist who encourages both order and dissonance in fields of color and form. His work can be viewed as a celebration of our visual universe.”

Louis Zona, Executive Director

The Butler Institute of American Art is honored to announce an exhibit of the artwork of legendary KISS front man Paul Stanley between August 13 and October 8, 2023.  Paul Stanley will make a special appearance August 12 for the exhibit’s opening reception.  On display, sixteen one-of-a-kind pieces by the KISS front man, Paul Stanley, created recently, include new original acrylic paintings and mixed media originals.

Stanley has always had a great passion for painting and channels it by creating portraits and abstracts that are emotionally charged compositions. His tremendous success with his artwork has led to an entirely new fan and media presence for the accomplished musician, actor and artist. He maximizes the direct and powerful impact of his paintings through scale, texture, color and simplicity of imagery.

August 12th grand opening reception with Paul Stanley is a very limited private event but reservations are available through the museum.  The cost is $1,000 for two admitted guests who will also receive one commemorative artwork hand signed by Paul Stanley. Contact The Butler Institute of American Art for details by email only at This is a major fundraiser to assist the Butler with accessibility.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: August 13, 2023 - October 8, 2023


RECEPTION: August 12, 2023, 7pm – 9pm


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