Regional Photography: Cameron Derby “Finale”

June 9, 2024 - August 11, 2024

Photograph by Cameron Derby

About The Art


I’ve always admired my twin sister Ariel’s talent, grace, and dedication as a professional ballet dancer. Her career has shown me the raw beauty of this underrated art form. This documentary series unveils a behind the scenes look and a glimpse into the physical and mental impact that being a professional ballet dancer has had on her life.

After 21 years of dancing, these are the final performing days and thoughts of Ariel, as she retired from her career as a professional ballet dancer with the Los Angeles Ballet.



Cameron Derby is an artist and photographer from Akron, OH. Her main focus is portraiture, with a strong interest in people, culture, and color inspiring most of her work. Derby received a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, and since then as continued to create photographic documentaries, exhibit her work, and work with a variety of artists.

Aside from photography, Derby creates hand drawn portraits using traditional mediums such as graphite pencil and color pencil. She also enjoys combining photography and drawings into mixed media pieces. Derby currently teaches private drawing lessons to kids and teens, and aims to continue to teach, explore, document, and create.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: June 9, 2024 - August 11, 2024

LOCATION: Regional Photography Gallery (2nd floor Beecher Center)

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