Steve Chaszeyka: Alphabetical Disorder

April 6, 2021 - July 18, 2021
Moody beach painting with washed up "B" on shore

About The Art

This exhibition which was scheduled to close June 27th, has been extended!

In this collection of Chaszeyka’s work, two precepts of the alphabet ( A through Z arrangement, and RECOGNIZABLE, CONSISTENT FONT) have been abandoned. Instead, “letters” have been arranged in order of “readability”. Letters slowly morph and deteriorate into “ideas of letters” requiring your wildest imagination to locate the shape, sound or perception of a letter in subsequent pieces. Arrangement allows you to locate some easily, while searching for those missing.

Have fun and forget everything you thought you knew about your ABC’s!

About Steve Chaszeyka

Steve Chaszeyka grew up with a pencil in his hand according to his grandmother. His love for drawing has formed his personality, his lifestyle and moved him to develop a style of his own. As early as first grade he knew his drawings were liked by others, and it was this that gave him confidence to face a confusing and frustrating world with a secret hideaway where he could lose himself in his art.

After high school he was inducted into the U.S. Navy where he had time on his hands to learn drawing skills that would become part of his style the rest of his life. After his discharge he began looking for meaningful work to support his young family while doing part time pinstriping and airbrushing on the side to supplement his income. Finally taking the leap to full time work in the early 80’s, he built a shop and took the plunge.

He made most of his income pinstriping and airbrushing motorcycles at rallies such as Sturgis, Daytona and Myrtle Beach as well as Hot Rod meets. Pinstriping was perfected and in 2013 he was chosen (by the design team at UnderArmor) to design the uniforms with pinstripe motif for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team, Speed skaters and Skeleton teams. This and an exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art were highlights of his career. His love for pinstriping and illustration have flourished till today where he is recognized as a master pinstriper and cartoonist, caricature artist, logo designer and airbrush artist giving lessons and hosting an online school for these skills.

His approach to this artform spawned the formation of Pihneads (Pinstripers International Network of Historic, Exotic, Artistic Design Stylists) 35 years ago which has become an international organization promoting the advancement and education of pinstriping worldwide.

His desire is to keep this artform alive as well as increasing the quality and styles of master stylists pushing towards a more respectable image in the world of fine art.

CATEGORIES: Exhibition

DATE: April 6, 2021 - July 18, 2021

LOCATION: Beecher Center, 1st Floor, Flad A & B Galleries


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