Merryl Berner Cicourel: Retrospectively Reimaging Cultural Landscapes

Merryl Berner Cicourel: Retrospectively Reimaging Cultural Landscapes

Exhibition: August 13 – October 8, 2017

Meet-the-Artist Opening Reception: August 13, 2017, 1-3 PM

Merryl Berner Cicourel’s work is centered on folk and contemporary art. She uses her personal experiences with landscapes and sacred settings from various cultures to create mixed media works. Most of her images appear to be abstractions at first glance. Creating landscape abstractions, she simplifies realistic sketches, drawings, paintings, and photographs so all that remains are their abstract essence. By only leaving a simplified form of the image, she creates a sense of movement and spontaneity in her work. The shapes are used as a framework and reflect their surroundings and change as their environment and lighting conditions are altered.  A unique feature of her work is the dual use of printmaking plates. After being re-worked; she takes the plates and incorporates them into wall sculptures.

It speaks to my art making process as well as  how over a period of time this process has influenced the direction my work at different intervals has taken.” -Merryl Berner Cicourel

This exhibition is open to the public and media with free admission.

ceremonial Landscape I

Merryl Berner Cicourel, Ceremonial Landscape I, metal, 45 x 70 in.