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outer space

Message From Outerspace

Welcome to my blog (if you don’t mind being bored out of your mind !) I’ve been director of the Butler Institute of American Art for over 35 years and have experienced an interesting thing or two through the decades.

One of the strangest museum visitors was a fellow dressed in a World War I uniform who visited weekly and would only acknowledge our security chief, Jack.

One day he brought in a flour sack filled with metal that he lifted onto Jack’s desk. “What do you have there Mr. Pendall?” asked Jack. “well “, he replied “I’ve taken all of the metal off of my refrigerator since it had to be the source of those irritating messages coming from outer space.”
“Did it work?”, asked Jack. “Certainly did”, replied Mr. Pendall, “now maybe I can get some sleep!”


-Dr. Louis Zona, Director