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image of regional photographer Linda Vasconi's black and white photo titled, Father's Spectacles showing a pair of rounded lens spectacles sitting atop an open book with white light reflecting off of the left lens and the the right lens remaining in shadow
Linda Vasconi, "Father's Spectacles", 2020, photograph

Artist Statement


Seeking Light Through the Darkness


My passion for photography started at a young age. I remember “borrowing” my father’s point and shoot camera to snap photos of our family pets. Imagine his surprise when he discovered thirty developed photos of our dog. In junior high, I met my photography mentor. My earth science teacher noticed my skills and offered to teach me to shoot with a real camera. I will never forget her telling me that the camera would enable me to freeze time. I never thought those words would be etched in my soul.

As a childhood trauma survivor, I’ve spent many years in therapy to cope with my past. The hardest part for me was letting go of the pain. While in therapy, when I couldn’t express my feelings with words, my therapist asked, “What would my emotions or unspoken words look like in a photograph?” To capture an image of what I could not express, essentially freezing time and ultimately releasing the pain.

My passion for photography grew much deeper during this time. I started to look at the world through new eyes and with new meaning. It gave me an outlet for creativity, taught me to focus and be patient, and it also gave me a safe space where I was free to be myself.

What you will view in this show is my journey from the darkness into the light. It is my hope that by sharing my work, it will bring awareness to anyone that struggles. You are not alone.

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Past Exhibitions


May 1 - July 31, 2022


524 Wick Ave Youngstown, OH 44502 Anne Kilcawley Christman Concourse 2nd Floor