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Regional Photography

Carl Leet: Personal Photography

The images presented here were made over a year’s time.
The early morning and late afternoon light moving through our kitchen and yard was like a slow motion scavenger hunt spotlighting objects as time and the seasons moved forward. The French have a word for that kind of light, eclaircie, a sunny spell or a bright interval. Watch and you will see the sun dappled patterns move across a yard of fresh cut grass, like watching a dance that is yours alone to view. These intervals pointed to color, tone, texture, value, contrast, and shape. I enjoyed making these compositions and finding the light.


Artist Statement

“This is personal photography, an exercise in vision, for the joy of seeing. The world around us is a source of wonder, constantly changing and can bring much delight. What visual excitement will you find today and capture?”
—Carl Leet


Exhibition, Featured


July 15 - October 18, 2020


Anne Kilcawley Christman Concourse - 2nd Floor