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Regional Photography

Dale A. Goode: Raw Vision

Photographing and Documenting Women of Color as Classical and Priceless Works of Art


Artist Statement

I spent the last two decades photographing and documenting, Women of Color as Classical Works of Art.  They are truly priceless, invaluable to me.  I am extremely drawn to the real everyday women.  Women who are not celebrities or high profile individuals.  I have found that everyday women are very realistic in their outlook towards life, as well as the energy that it takes to maintain their lifestyles, their existence.

As I travel through the creative sphere of life, I have found that women of color, who most consider common, can make do with less and have it work for their advantage.  The natural beauty of women of color has literally stunned me. Their ability to handle and carry it without problems. Their natural beauty is so common to them. They pay it no attention to their own loveliness.  That is why I attracted to documenting and photographing Women of Color.

Dale A. Goode


Artist Bio

Dale A. Goode is a native Clevelander, and a product of Cleveland Public Schools.  Mr. Goode received a Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College. He is continuing his graduate studies at Kent State University.  Over the last 40 years, Mr. Goode has exhibited his work widely throughout the Midwest. His work is on permanent display in various Colleges, Corporations, and Cultural Institutions. Dale Goode works primarily in photography, mixed media collage and sculpture, which all share his reflexive, improvisational approach.


Exhibition, Featured


March 2 - May 23, 2021


Anne Kilcawley Christman Concourse - 2nd Floor