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The Modern Still Life from the Butler’s Collection

The Modern Still Life from the Butler’s Collection

December 18, 2022-February 26, 2023


Paintings of objects on a table, the still life concept, has been a part of the history of art for centuries. In recent years, the still life genre has emphasized technique, with photorealism leading the way. The Butler’s collection of still life painting has become a key part of the collection. The works of Gary Erbe, offer trompe l’oeil painting at its best.  They have given the Butler collection a solid bounce forward, and Erbe’s thematic still lifes, with such themes as baseball, patriotism, and historic golf, have been particularly popular with the public.



Gary Thomas Erbe (1944-)

Pieces of Time

Oil on canvas      IL2022.01.01

On loan from Jordana Esses Family Collection, Courtesy of Portico New York, Inc.          1976


Gary T. Erbe (born 1944) is an American oil painter. He is self-taught, and he is best- known for his trompe l’oeils. Gary has had one-person exhibitions at the Butler and museums around the country. He is represented in the Butler’s collection with several paintings.

©Gary T. Erbe




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