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C. Robert Buchanan: Watercolors

I paint for the pleasure of it. I like to pick a subject or object and develop a design with color and composition. There’s no scholarly approach to it; just plain enjoyment.

-C. Robert Buchanan

Bob Buchanan approaches his paintings as he does his architecture, with technical skills and a deep knowledge of the fine arts. The Butler is pleased to present another side to the work of one of the most talented individuals to hold a paint brush or handle a T-square. We are that much richer each time Bob presents his beautiful watercolors or adds to the architectural achievements of our region which carry his name.
-Dr. Louis A. Zona

C. Robert Buchanan, Bell Tower, watercolor, 18″ x 24″


Past Exhibitions


April 15-July 2, 2023


Butler North Buchanan Bacon Gallery