Sally Weber: Elemental

Sally Weber: Elemental

Exhibition: January 21 – July 22, 2018

Meet-the-Artist Reception: January 21, 2018 1-3 PM

In this exhibition by Sally Weber, we are interconnected elementally. ELEMENTAL brings together works of light exploring the inter-relationship between ourselves and the natural elements of which we and our world are composed. We are always changing as is the rest of nature. Only light is timeless, existing in the perpetual now. Like infinity, the perpetual now evades our experience of time and space. Light, as both particle and wave, defies, inspires, and illuminates our world, empowering the transformative processes of life.

These installations are inspired by the natural elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen on which all life is based. Iron, the most abundant metal in the universe, is the transformative metal. Its fusion the collapsing core of a star triggers a supernova and the subsequent creation of heavier elements. Based on observations of medieval miners, early alchemists believed that metals matured underground, transforming from base metals like lead to the royal metals, silver and gold. The alchemists hope to speed up the process by transmuting metals from one stage to another. Through their premise was wrong, some of their observations and experiments were steps towards the discovery of the true elemental interactions of nature.  -Sally Weber

Sally Weber, Carbon Rose (detail), 2016, 44″ x 51″, dye sublimation print on metal