Troyan Tecau: istoria

Troyan Tecau: istoria

Exhibition on View: May 6 – June 10, 2018

Meet-the-Artist: May 6, 2018 1-3 PM

“The paintings and objects in this show are recent works. Whenever a painter, sculptor or object maker is working, the results are the cumulation of all they have seen and experienced, distilled by their interest in the objects or ideas. A line, shape, or color coupled with a concern is the start. I am making things that I want to see — perhaps if someone else made them I wouldn’t have to. I am motivated in this enterprise by the concept of Istoria, a term used by the 16th century thinker Leon Battista Alberti. Alberti wrote Della pittura, the first modern treatise on the theory of painting. To paraphrase Alberti, he wrote of something “being right”. Since my childhood, this feeling always has been a goal for me – this sense of combining the visual and visceral for completeness.” – Troyan Tecau

“I caution everyone to not try to figure out meaning, but rather to enjoy the ride. You are seeing innovation and art in its purest sense.” – Dr. Louis Zona, Director/Chief Curator

Troyan Tecau in his studio