Victoria Lowe: In the Realm of the Senses

Victoria Lowe: In the Realm of the Senses

Exhibition: October 15 – December 17, 2017

Meet-the-Artist Opening Reception: October 15, 2017 1-3 PM

Victoria Lowe‘s paintings encompass all modes of abstract painting, appearing as visual phenomena, perceptual conundrums, or personal testaments, and go further to become deeply immersive experiences. Her work presents with fields of sprayed color that shift gradually or are inflected with directional lines. Applied in myriad layers, the sprayed particles interact like pixels to create a spectrum of new, unnameable colors. These paintings deliver us into an indeterminate space that seems to expand, pulse or glow. As in all of Lowe’s art, meaning does not exist independently of the sensual. Our experience of the work is poetic, taking us beyond language or process. In both the single and multiple panel works, their large scale gives us the opportunity to plunge into a place where knowing, in the ordinary sense, is not possible. In the vast space of these paintings, we are ultimately left with our own consciousness and with a feeling of unmoored freedom.

Victoria Lowe, Blood Moon, 2014. 4 panels, all 40 x 32 inches, acrylic on paper

This exhibition was organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates